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Black Widow, with a 30:70 sativa-indica ratio and 24% THC, delivers a powerful head high, perfect for pain relief and relaxation for experienced users.

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Sativa-Dominant Hybrid: Black Widow

Black Widow, a strain not for the faint-hearted, offers a robust THC potency that peaks at 24%. Its sativa-indica ratio (30:70) crafts an intense head high characterized by euphoria, happiness, and profound relaxation. This strain is particularly beneficial for seasoned users, aiding in depression, pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and stress. Although its lineage is separate from the famed White Widow, they share a common ancestry of Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica.

Expect dry mouth and bloodshot eyes, while dizziness, headaches, and paranoia are less common. Black Widow’s popularity spans across several legal markets, including California and Colorado. Its flavors include chemical, nutty, sweet, and woody notes, with a fruity and skunky aroma.

Due to its potency, novice users should approach with caution, as it might induce overwhelming effects.

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